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Inside Wrestlemania 32 Axxess

Monday, April 11, 2016

For our twins 10th birthday, we celebrated with a once in a lifetime trip to Wrestlemania! They are big WWE fans and because the event was in driving distance and days within their birthday, it was the perfect combination. We planned for about 6-8 months ahead of time and in that planning was a lot of WWE Axxess talk.

Axxess is an interactive WWE experience with live matches, interviews, surprise appearances, Superstar, NXT and legend autograph sessions. The sessions last 4 hours long and there is lots to take in. We attended 3 sessions during the weekend, and this is what we saw:

A look inside the Wrestlemania 32 Axxess Sessions

A look inside the Wrestlemania 32 Axxess Sessions

Becky Lynch Autograph Session - Wrestlemania 32 Axxess

Ryback Interview at Wrestlemania 32 Axxess Sessions

Sin Cara Autograph Session - Wrestlemania Axxess 32

Alundra Blayze Interview - Wrestlemania 32 Axxess

Slammy Awards Inside Wrestlemania Axxess 32

Elimination Chamber Inside Wrestlemania Axxess 32

The Miz - Inside Wrestlemania Axxess 32

Inside Wrestlemania Axxess 32

Romain Reigns Wrestlemania 32 Axxess Session

Perfect 10 The Dillinger NXT at Wrestlemania 32 Axxess

There was just so much more to see, I'll be sharing more about the memorabilia and how to maximize your 4 hours at an Axxess event later!

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