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Stitch Fix and the casual mama!

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Stitch Fix Review Personal Styling Service Clothing Subscription
I'm a pretty casual girl. I like wearing flat sandals, like all the time. Converse are my closed toe flats of choice and I feel my best in a white tee and jeans. Stitch Fix was not quite on my radar, but I have seen many friends try on their stylist picked items and post on social media. Maybe their personal styles weren't a match for me, because I just got my first fix and I'm hooked!

My first fix came right before I left to HispanicizeStitch Fix was participating at their DiMe Summit and introduced the program to the influencers before the event, so I decided to give it a try.
What is inside a Stitch Fix shipment. My review and items I chose for a casual look.
Inside the box, the packaging was so nicely organized with an introduction, return packaging, a style guide and 5 items personally selected by my own stylist. BTW, there is no separate fee to ship to you or return.

I received 2 tops (a Laju embroidered and a Market & Spruce Hi-Lo shirtsleeve), 1 THML dress, 1 pair of Just Black skinny jeans and an Octavia Brooks crossbody bag. Everything that I received is something I would be drawn to while browsing a store.
Stitch Fix for the casual mom. My 5 items and review of Stitch Fix.
The style guide was helpful to show me how I can incorporate the items with clothes that I already had in my closet and for different occasions.
Reasons why I will continue to subscribe to Stitch Fix. My 5 items and review of the style service.
And this is what I choose: the chambray embroidered sleeveless top, paired with the Just Black jeans that just fit so good. I wore it to the DiMe Summit with flat sandals (shocker!) and a necklace that I already had. I didn't feel like I was wearing anything that wasn't me. 
Reasons why I will continue to subscribe to Stitch Fix
The reason I will keep subscribing to Stitch Fix is because I need to shake things up. 

I'm a pretty brand loyal girl. I have a retailer that I love to shop at, know my sizes well enough to order online and catch some great sales, but I hate when I go into the store and feel like every piece of clothing I own is from that store. I don't feel like an individual. Stitch Fix is helping me incorporate new pieces into my everyday wardrobe without any hassle, all while still staying true to myself! 

I hope you give it a try! And if you have any more questions about the service, comment below! 

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