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A Family Biking Adventure on the Mission Reach {Video}

Friday, September 05, 2014

I have found that one of the most relaxing moments for me has been riding a bike on the Mission Reach on a Sunday morning. I fell in love with the Mission Reach watching my babies pedal away.

This was our first time as a family that we rode our bikes on the Mission Reach.  We parked at the Blue Star Arts Complex and picked up B-Cycles for the adults, rode around King William for a while, then back to the complex and down to Roosevelt Park to give the kids some play time. 

I wanted to just remember this moment forever and it felt like, if everyone knew how awesome it felt, they would be out there spending family time on the Mission Reach too. So, here you go, let me know what you think!
After our ride, we drove down the street to The Fruteria for their fresh fruit smoothies and a little brunch.

It was a beautiful day!

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