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Gear for the UTSA Family

Friday, July 11, 2014

I have professed my love for UTSA orange and blue many times, but I wonder if you know why I love them so. 

Both my husband and I are alumni, and the first in our families to graduate from college. UTSA holds such a special place in our hearts because we both graduated as parents of our twin babies. Less than a year old, they were present in the Convocation Center as we crossed the stage with great hopes, dreams and a huge responsibility on our shoulders.

As our family grows, we look forward to sharing our love for the university with our children by taking them to basketball and football games. (Don't worry, we really try to make a soccer or baseball game, too.) We look forward to growing traditions like spending time at the alumni tailgate eating sausage wraps and racing up the stairs at the Alamodome on the way to our seats. We take pride in introducing our extended family members and friends to the fun of cheering on OUR home team!

And we can't just show up wearing anything, so I'm putting together some of my favorite gear for the UTSA family.

Ready for the football kickoff?

I know it's summer, but after fútbol this weekend, it is only days away...

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