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Family Volunteer Opportunities in San Antonio

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Volunteer Opportunities for families and young children in San Antonio
Growing up, you don't really realize that the socio-economic situation you lived in or the low-income neighborhood schools you went to, were the most humbling and life teaching situations you can have.

You just grow up, wanting to do better, be successful, but knowing that you will give back.

So, if you are like me, you continue your education. Graduate. Start a career. Have some kids. (Maybe not all in that order, if you really know me.) And then, you're kids live a life that you didn't. Not that it is a bad thing. But you have children that watch cable TV, go to the movies and theme parks frequently, eat out at sit down restaurants on the regular and have been able to travel and stay in hotels, before you were even at the age to care about those things.

So how do you get them to appreciate it all?

How do you open their eyes to the world around them?

I think family volunteering is a great start. I have found it a bit difficult to find family volunteering opportunities with young children, so I want to share this list of events with you!

  • Girls Inc Holiday Helpers - Not only is Girls, Inc. just an amazing organization, devoted to inspiring girls to be strong, smart and bold, they have a wonderful 1-day service event for girls ages 6 and up, every December. But look out for event registration in November. Better yet, sign up for their newsletter to keep you in the loop! 
  • MLK Day of Service - City Year of San Antonio hosts an annual day of service on Saturday before the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. This is the link for the 2013 event. I emailed the coordinator this year and he said that kids were ok. However, I would follow up with the organizer before you go!
  • HEB Feast of Sharing - This event is very near and dear to my heart. I started volunteering here as a child and love that I can take my children to volunteer with me. It was our first time in 2013 and we volunteered in the Children's Crafts area, which is a great option to volunteer with young ones. But kids ages 8 and up can have even more duties. Sign up through the United Way.
  • Animal Care Services - Kids ages 8 and up can start volunteering with ACS with their offsite Community Action Team, but must volunteer with a parent. Orientation and a $10 to cover a shirt and name tag is also required. My daughter has been dying to volunteer here, since we are not quite ready to adopt a dog, yet.
  • City Parks and Recreation - You can volunteer as a family to mulch, plant trees and beautify the parks around San Antonio. Bring your gloves and some water and snacks maybe. Sign up for the newsletter by emailing or check the Volunteer Events Calendar for upcoming dates!
  • San Antonio Food Bank - Children ages 8 and up can start volunteering at the Food Bank in the Kids Cafe, in the Warehouse (Sorting and Packing) and in the Community Garden. Volunteer slots are available during the week, Saturdays and even some holidays. Sign your family up!
  • Basura Bash - In it's 19th year, this is a one day, all volunteer effort to clean the San Antonio Watershed. There are 17 different tributary routes from North to South of town. Minors are welcome. 

We are dedicated to make volunteering a part of our family life. It is a goal that I have set out for my children in our Eight Year Old Goals and I hope it has inspired you to do the same. 

Please comment below if you volunteer with your children and let me know if there are any more San Antonio spots I have missed.

*Update - We've volunteered at the Animal Care Services of San Antonio! Read about our time and the steps to become a registered volunteer with the city. 


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