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The reason behind the stories...

Thursday, January 30, 2014

What has happened to me as I became a mother is something unexpected, but so natural.
While many have said that women lose their identities after having children, I feel the opposite.  They have given me, not just a purpose, but my purpose in life. To share opportunities, our family experiences and to inspire others to engage with their families, is what I love doing. All while retaining as much cultural heritage as possible. 

When I decided to blog, there were no second thoughts about what I wanted to name my blog or what I wanted to focus on, that all came organically. It was the unexpected that came as a surprise: this introvert wanted to share all of this information with thousands on social media platforms! 

Crazy idea, I know!

And so I jumped off of my nice, warm and cozy couch and did it. I blogged, I joined Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+, all because I wanted to share my stories. There is that feeling inside that just makes you want to share a link, that I could not deny. So, I
 became more resourceful, and the desire to just write better, experience more with my children and create informative content has grown. 

But along the way, I have felt the need to learn more about the technical aspects of blogging, better ways to communicate with my readers and I craved community. Because it takes a village, right? And I have found my village within the community of #collectivebias, Social Fabric. 

So, when asked about going to gathering of like-minded bloggers like #SoFabCon14, I'm all in! What it means to me is that I will be around others who know my struggle of work and family and have the same desires as me. Growth. Engagement. Conversation. Going to the conference means that I am taking steps towards being a better blogger, growing my community and doing something for myself. Which in turn, will only allow me to make a better and bigger impact on my readers and my comunidad at home.  

Upon the decent of the adrenaline rush that you get when meeting your Twitter friends in real life and being surrounded by so much creativity, I know that I will only return more focused. I will be empowered to create stories with more purpose and real life experiences, because #LuvSoFab14 will be so contagious!

Not only will be a needed re-up for me, I anticipate all of those same feelings of why I started my blog will come surging back. 

I will come home to my family, who has helped me find my purpose and who are the original (and most important) reasons behind the story. 

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