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El Paraiso Ice Cream - A San Antonio Summer Tradition

Thursday, July 04, 2013

San Antonio Summer Traditions with the Original El Paraiso Fruit and Ice Cream Bars

I grew up in a neighborhood where the paletero would ring his bell as he walked the streets with his freezer full of paletas. I remember them being less than .50 cents back then and always buying a couple extra chocolates for my parents. 

We don't have a paletero walking around where I live now, but when we catch them in my parents' neighborhood, they are a good solid $1. So we are starting a bit of a tradition this summer and going to the original El Paraiso shop, where over 10,000 of these babies are made a day! And sold in bulk!

El Paraiso Fresh Fruit and Ice Cream Bars - San Antonio, Texas
Don't skip on the Fresh Fruit Bars that come in 11 flavors: Strawberry, Pineapple, Tamarind, Watermelon, Mango with Chile, Pineapple with Chile, Cantaloupe, Lime, Pickle, Lucas, Tamarind with Chile. 

And be a bit adventurous with the Ice Cream Bars that come in 13: Chocolate, Vanilla, Horchata (that tastes like cinnamon), Banana, Piña Colada, Coconut, Mango, Cookies & Cream, Vanilla & Raisin, Coffee Cappuccino and Strawberry. Both are made with simple and natural ingredients. 

I hope you get to experience this goodness this summer. El Paraiso Ice Cream Original and only shop is located at 1934 Fredericksburg, San Antonio, Texas 78201.

And Happy 4th of July! By the way, they are open until 9pm today if you need to pick some up for your Independence Day celebration! 
El Paraiso Fresh Fruit and Ice Cream Bars - San Antonio, Texas

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  1. They make 10,000 a day? Wow! We have got to check this place out. Thanks, Michelle.

    1. Yes and it seems that they are just continuously replenishing, so I can only imagine how many are consumed a day! Hope you get to visit, Colleen!

  2. I'm going to visit my daughter in San Antonio this Christmas and we will definitely be going to El Paraiso to get some paletas!!!


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