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Cesar Chavez and My Grandpa

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cesar Chavez March in San Antonio, Texas

This man. 

He reminds me of my grandpa. 

We called him grandpo. 

I bet César Chávez had rough carpenter hands like my grandpo. 

Even in his older years, my grandpo still had a full head of hair, like him, except curlier.

I bet he was a hard worker and provider, just like my Grandpo...

and I bet that he inspired his children and grandchildren long after he passed, just like my Grandpa.

I miss him, but it feels like this is my connection to him, la causa.

This will be our first year walking, but we are excited to participate in the San Antonio César Chávez March for Justice on Saturday March 30th, 2013. I plan to walk, because I am proud of my upbringing, to connect with my ancestors and to keep my children aware, open minded and grounded. 

My friend Melanie of ¿Qué Means What? walked last year and helped inspire me to walk this year with my family. Check out her post from the 2012 Chávez March, where the Grand Marshall was son of César, Paul E. Chávez. 

By the way...isn't the above print amazing! I found this on Etsy. Artist Paul Chung also has similar prints of Robert F. Kennedy, JFK, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and more, please check out his shop

And maybe I'll see you at the March, I'd love to know if you are going!

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  1. We are going this year. A very dear friend of mine is a coordinator and is bringing some of her kiddo's from program. Maybe we will see you :)


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