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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15 - October 15. And while this month we celebrate all of the important historical events and people, our accomplishments and struggles, it is also a time for us to celebrate who we are, where we came from and how we are evolving.

In the dictionary, heritage is defined as something we possess as a result of our natural situation. You know, what we were born with...and to me, my heritage begins with my parents. Maybe without them even knowing it, they have taught us how to be proud of who we are. I can remember when I was younger, seeing a plaque from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in my dad's office wall.  I have memories of singing along to Linda Rondstant's "Volver" and Tejano music in the car with my mom as we ran errands. These are moments where the heritage has been carried over, and have helped shape how orgulla I am to be Mexican American, Hispanic and Latina.

So, how fitting that during Hispanic Heritage Month, it's their wedding anniversary!

To celebrate their 36th, we had a little Sunday brunch.

So after some of this - chorizo con huevo, egg whites with turkey/spinach/pico, papas, whole wheat blueberry pancakes and some cafecito...

There was a little bit of this...playing in the park with the nietos.

Ending with a second helping of brunch and a viewing of this...

No, not football...the HBO Documentary, The Latino List 2. It is a series of unique interviews of Latinos in America. This is the 2nd installment of the documentary. And we sat together to watch.

The Latino List is always a heart warming and inspirational moment of reflection, for me, hopefully for all of us. But watching it together was the perfect ending to a celebration of our own personal heritage, that our parents have gifted to us.

How do you celebrate your heritage? 

Here are some more Hispanic Heritage resources on the national and local level -
  • National Hispanic American Heritage Month website
  • San Antonio Public Library - Guide to Hispanic Heritage Month Events website
  • HBO Latino - The Latino List 2 website

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