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A Mother's Support is like Magic!

Friday, July 27, 2012

This is my mom. And I can't help but say that and smile. =)

 When I think about motherhood and the array of love, support, worry, analyzing, planning and satisfaction that it embodies, the appreciation and understanding of my mother grows. As a mother, I try to be the best mother that I can be, a positive influence, a continued support and an opener of doors, to help them become the best that they can be.

 As much hard work as it takes, I could have never accomplished goals in my life and still have inspiration and drive to accomplish more without the support of my mother, even today.

 I just turned 30 years old, and she is still my biggest cheerleader! Her support of my continued education, career, blogging, and parenting allows me to be the best I can be, and inspires me to be the same to my children. No matter how old my children are, and in whatever life stage they are in, I want to build a strong and solid relationship with them. I want to help build confidence within themselves, knowing that their parents will always love and support them. I want them always have a winning smile in their hearts and on their face.

I recently had the honor of being apart of a teleconference with Ondina Lopez, mother of two-time Taekwondo Olympic gold medalist, Steven Lopez. She talked with other Latina Mom Bloggers and I about the importance that mom's support can play in an athlete's success, but also in life. Crest and Oral B understand that a mother's support and having a healthy smile play an important part in fueling a person's confidence and have partnered with the first family of Taekwondo.

By the way, all four of her children have been involved in the Olympics, her oldest a coach and three others as competitors. Amazing! Ondina shared with us her passion for supporting her children in whatever they love to do. Like many mothers, she shared her sacrifices of early mornings, busy days and late evenings, so she could maintain the household, cook homemade nutritious meals for her athletes and help keep her children's focus on school and their sport.

The most inspirational moment, for me, came when she was asked about sports, the costs and why some parents feel that they cannot afford these extra activities. Ondina's response what that she would do whatever it took to help support their passion!

Motherhood is different for everyone. It is something that is never finished, but continued support from my mother and hearing stories like Ondina, is like magic. It helps me when I feel like I'm struggling, and inspires me to be continue growing as a person to be the best mother I can be.

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Crest and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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