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Families Loaf Tillamook - The Hernandez Cheese Crunch Sandwich!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Have you heard of Tillamook
Maybe you've seen this little guy around town? 

Tillamook is an amazing dairy company that is super passionate about making products with no artificial growth hormones. They are a cooperative of 110 farmers that have a commitment to healthy cows and quality milk products and make award winning cheese! I am not a foodie, I don't buy all organic, but I try my best to be knowledgeable about the food I give my children, which is one reason why I LOAF Tillamook's effort to share their values with the world!

They have been all around the country spreading the loaf love with the Loaf Love Tour! 
They are done with their Texas Loaf Love Tour, but we are so happy to have been apart of it! 

We visited them at the San Antonio Zoo, where they handed out samples, coupons, buttons, zoo bingo (the kids loved this game) and at our local grocery store for more samples, recipes and coupons!

At the zoo, Tillamook held a VIP Blogger event where we learned more from their Brand Ambassadors, had some lunch and participated in a Grilled Cheese contest that we actually won!
Wait till you see it, we won cheese for a year with this bad boy!

With already 360 cities visited, the tour is wrapping up, but 
Colorado, Washington, Oregon here they come! Check out the schedule and zoo stops here

So now, here's the good stuff...let me introduce you to the Hernandez Cheese Crunch!

The Grilled Cheese Crunch with Jalapeños and Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

Turkey, Ham, Jalapeños, Monterrey Jack, Cheddar, and Blue Corn Tortilla Chips! Amazing!


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**Disclaimer- We were invited to a VIP Blogger event by Tillamook and were given free admission to the zoo along with some tasty grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. I was not asked to post or share, all opinions are my own. **

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  1. I live in San Antonio but I haven't seen that cute truck driving around! Would have loved to snag some of the goodies they had to offer! BTW, your sandwich looks delicious.



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