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Young and Free at Mendoza Park

Monday, April 30, 2012

Always looking for a new park? 
We were in the neighborhood and decided to stop at Mendoza Park.
Located in the SE side of San Antonio, 5206 Hillje, off Southcross. 

Playing on the same playscape can get a little old sometimes, 
so a visit to a new playground or one we don't frequent often
 is very exciting for these guys! 

It must feel so free to just run and explore new grounds. 

 The park has a great playground with a rock wall, slides, 
swings and lots of running space. 
There are nice wooden picnic tables and seating areas.

And this cute bus!

There are no restrooms or many mature trees to provide a lot of shade, 
but it's the perfect neighborhood park to take a visit just as the sun is going down!

Mendoza Park is still young, dedicated in 2010, named after Sgt. Matthew E. Mendoza, 
a Marine who died in combat and grew up in the area, a Highlands High School graduate. 

The playground was built about 6 months ago, in partnership with the City of San Antonio and Kaboom!. We weren't actual volunteers, but we visited right as the playground went up and even got to help paint some of the sidewalk. 

The entire place still looks amazing!

If you're ever in the area, stop by! 
I'm sure your kids will love a spontaneaous visit to the park!

And if you are looking for new parks, Kaboom! can help you find something in your area!

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  1. Replies
    1. The kids enjoyed it! Check out my newest post, we have a giveaway for Chuck E Cheese!

  2. Thank you all for stopping by my cousins park it feels good knowing what a difference my cousin Matthew did for us and for his country and i would like for his parents to know that I love every each one of them with all my heart and theres not a day that doesnt go by that I dont think about my cousin Matthew I talk to him each and every night hes the best in the whole world Love
    Austin Anthony Duerr
    A.K.A.- Tony Duerr Jr


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