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Art, Family and Fun, Downtown

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday, Artpace held their annual Family Fun Day, and because we love art, fun, and just about anything happening downtown, we were there!

Totally free, open to the public, Artpace holds this event every year, and for budding little artists, it's a great way to expose them different types of art. From stencils, sculptures, tile mosaics, art made with painter's tape, visual art, watercolors and drawing, it was all there!

Outdoor watercolor painting.

Inside, kids studied sculptures, drew, then posted on the wall. 

Artpace artist, Judith Cottrell, created awesome drawing machines! 
Who wouldn't want one of these?

In the gallery, there was one room filled with supplies, designated for the TASK party. 
Artpace artist, Oliver Herring, created this creation station, where you picked a task from the task box and got to work. We created a fun board game!

We ended our day with art making in this gallery. 
It was amazing how these tables and plants captivated these guys!

It was a great time, and probably their first time in a real art gallery! 
I am so glad it was a memorable one!

Thank you Artpace!

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  1. What a neat day! Looks like you all had fun. Thanks so much for sharing on This is Wherever Wednesday!

  2. How wonderful kids are being exposed to art galleries and diversity; they looked like they were having a wonderful time. Here from Wherever Wednesday hop; BB2U


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