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Institute of Texan Cultures' Annual Asian Festival

Monday, January 30, 2012

My first attempt to the 25th Annual Asian Festival was with 2 adults, 
myself included, 5 children and at least 100,000 others!

Nonetheless, we had a great time!

We parked at the Grand Hyatt and took a nice stroll on the river, passing the convention center and through Hemisphere Park to the Institute of Texan Cultures. I figure if we had to park and walk we could use some scenery to keep the kids interested!

This is right outside the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico in Hemisphere Plaza. 

When we arrived at the entrance, I must say it was a bit overwhelming with the big crowd. 
But sometimes there is just no turning back, it's an adventure!

We grabbed some chicken kabobs, egg rolls and tried some fried bananas!

Next,  we headed straight to the kids crafts!

Making Samurai Hats and Dragons

Then, on to watch a martial arts demonstration. Doesn't the Alamodome make a great background?

All ages and levels performed. 

After, we enjoyed some Hawaiian Shaved Ice and walked our way back through Hemisphere Park!

The festival was timed perfectly with the kids celebrating the Chinese New Year at school. 
Right they are in capoeira class and all about Power Rangers Samurai, so the event was spot on!
We even brought in some bottled water and Cutie oranges for good luck!

Sure there was lots we missed - the sushi, sumo wrestlers, Asian gifts, art displays, henna tattoos, Okinawan dancers and the entire inside of the Institute of Texas - it happens with little ones.
But the  kids were happy and we spent the day outside, exploring the city!
A successful day in my book!

What was your favorite memory from the week? Share at Kids Stuff World!

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