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Multiples and More!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So...I am a mother of twins.

I absolutely love it when I meet another mother or father of multiples. (Shout out to the Martinez triplets!). There are questions, concerns, stresses, anecdotes about raising multiples, that only another MoM (mom of multiples) would understand.

I found this blog Multiples and More...where birds of a feather flock together! (Cute, huh?)

It's a place where other MoMs can read into other MoMs' lives, find support, relevant articles and product reviews on  the necessary "multiples" items!

Today, I get to share my multiples story and be their Featured Blogger of the Week!

So hop on over and check out my interview!

You can also follow Multiples and More on Twitter and Facebook!

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