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Throwback Thursday - 5 years ago :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

In the spirit of a Throwback Thursday, here are my babies…5 years ago, just beginning to crawl. I was 24, taking some time off from school, while Daddy finished his degree.

Even at this early age, we would be thinking about the educational path that we would like to start them on.

Fast forward 5 years, we decided on public, Spanish immersion, dual language program and are so happy with our choice. But no one forewarned about the change in our daily schedule that school brings. I figured it would all just be shifted an hour earlier from our daycare daily routine (morning, breakfast, daycare, work, dinner, bath, bed).

I knew there would be homework, but this is just Kindergarten…right?

No one told me about the packing of snacks, special shirt days, box top days, PTA meetings, bike rodeos, half-days, parent picnics, conferences, picture days, and book fairs. On top of the fact that from the time we get home, we have 2 (maybe 2.5) hours to make dinner, do homework, take a bath and read a book. And when they are in bed, there is the cleaning of the kitchen and the prep for the next day. “But you’re supposed to have prepped for the week, during the weekend.” – You say. But I thought weekends were for play?

Where’s the time to catch up on blogging, life, or having a conversation with my spouse? Where’s the fun? Luckily, 5 year olds specialize in fun and we do get to share special moments in all the chaos.

But is sure is nice to look back, and think of the simpler times where feeding, sleeping, playing and loving sweet little 6 month old babies was just about all I had in my daily routine.


Interested in our Dual Language choice? Read about our experience here on

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  1. Great post Michelle :) And who could resist those chubby cheeks

  2. Thanks Stacy! I was feeling so nostalgic, missing those baby days!


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