In other Mission Reach news... - Family Love In My City

In other Mission Reach news...

Monday, July 11, 2011

The family and I attended the Grand Opening of the Mission Reach - Phase 1 & 2 this June. I love going to the Museum Reach, so I was eager to see what the Mission Reach offered!

The city planned the event with shuttles to take you to different locations along the stretch, which was over 2 miles long. The opening ceremony was on Theo Bridge, next to Conception Park and included US Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, President of the San Antonio Parks Foundation Lila Cockrell, Councilwoman Jennifer Ramos and more. There were talks about the Archdiocese building a sports complex along the area, the bid to make the Missions a "World Heritage Site" and the connecting of the river to every Mission by the end of 2013.

This is from Theo Bridge facing north. To the right of this picture is a very cool lookout tower. To the left and further up is Confluence Park, we didn't get to visit, but you can see what it's about here.

New playground at Concepcion Park.
We walked further south to the Kid Zone craft area. Then crossed a bridge for a fishing clinic. 

On the bridge, facing south. Ahead is Mission Road, with gazebo, bathrooms, water fountains, and parking. Right next to the Riverside Golf Course. Thank goodness for the shuttle that took us back!

The entire day was a fun family exploring activity.

The San Antonio River is such a vital part of San Antonio's culture, it connects the entire city...mind, body and soul!

And while there is still a long way to go for the Mission Reach to be fully complete, there is so much potential! I hope the Mission Reach becomes much more than an ecosystem restoration. I would love regular farmer's markets and family events, similar to the Museum Reach, in the future!

Check out the San Antonio River Authority's Mission Reach website here!

Here is a You Tube video so inspirational, it will make you want to visit.

Also in connection to the Mission Reach, there is huge renovation coming to Mission County Park.

And in other Southside news...the new Mission Trails Baptist Hospital has arrived and is open. A new living area right next to the hospital, The Landing, is breaking ground this month.

Places like Cracker Barrel, Zios, Texas Roadhouse and a new state-of-the art movie theatre are all on it's way! Read more about them in an article from the San Antonio Business Journal here.

Overall, I am one happy southeast-sider! More places, more opportunities, more memories equals more family love.

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  1. Yay!! Great post Michelle and I couldn't agree more -- we are very happy south siders. The new library was a huge blessing for us and I can't wait till the outdoor amphitheater there is up & running. I really believe once the Texas A&M SA is up & functional the 410 loop and our little area are going to flourish faster than we can even imagine. Crossing my fingers for a bookstore!!!!! near the college some day :)


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