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Sea World Annual Passes

Friday, February 18, 2011

Most people think going to amusement parks is the most expensive family outing there could be...but having Sea World San Antonio, in our city's back yard, has made it one of the most inexpensive family activities!

Get your Annual Passes here! The EZ Pay option is so convenient...your annual pass cost is spread out by one or two years, in monthly payments that automatically get drafted from your bank account. 

It is so cost effective because, the biggest cost is spread out, you can bring in bottled water and limited snacks, the annual pass discount on stores/food, and Sea World has fun opportunities that you would otherwise pay out of pocket for. Family outings like going to a waterpark, Fourth of July, Halloween and Christmas activities and photo opportunities, and concerts are all events that are included in your visits to the park! 

When you have passes there is no pressure to see shows or exhibits, because you can always come back another time, which leaves you plenty of quality family fun time to just get out of the house and take a FREE leisurely walk through the park!

We have been going since the twins were just about a year, and will continue to for many more to come!

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