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Ways You Can Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

This post was sponsored by Café Bustelo as part of an Influence Central campaign and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

#CafeBusteloAtTarget Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month
Hispanic Heritage Month is a month long celebration of all of the wonderful contributions that Latinos and Hispanics have made to the United States. From food to music to politicians, it's a reminder to me to be sure that I am educating my children of their Mexican American heritage.

Do you know who Emma Tenayuca is? What's the difference between Latino and Hispanic? Have you tasted molé? Who was the first Hispanic astronaut or Supreme Court Justice? They are both women by the way! :)
So much of their experience growing up as a Mexican American is influenced by the cultural images they see around them and the cultural knowledge we give them. And it's always been my belief that if we teach our children where they came from, they have a better understanding of their purpose and where they are going in life. 
During Hispanic Heritage Month, ways that we incorporate and celebrate our culture are through visiting art museums, listening to music, reading books from Latino authors, watching documentaries and of course, comida!

Art museums, like the San Antonio Museum of Art, often have special exhibits during Hispanic Heritage Month. Right now, our local art museum is featuring portraits from the documentary, The Latino List. Festivals, like Dia De Los Muertos celebrations, are also a great way to hear Spanish language music and see the traditions up close!
#CafeBusteloAtTarget Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Libraries often feature cultural books and Latino authors during this time. If you are lucky to be in San Antonio, you can visit The Latino Collection and Resource Center in the public Central Library.  It will have books like this on display all year long!
#CafeBusteloAtTarget Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month
And as far as food, we can talk about this forever! But one of my favorites is the pairing of cafecito and pan de dulce. Coffee like Café Bustelo® and a little conchita are staples at Mexican American family gatherings and bring back so many memories of my grandmother's kitchen table.

Café Bustelo has that strong full-bodied flavor, even with cream and sugar. It is available in ground, whole bean, brick, instant and my personal favorite, K-Cup Pods®.
#CafeBusteloAtTarget Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

You can also get 10% off Café Bustelo K-Cup® Pods with the Target Cartwheel app!

Hispanics and Latinos are all so different, and from so many different Spanish speaking countries, which means that there are so many different ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month! So, I'd love to know, what are your favorite ways to celebrate your culture with your family? Drop some special events and recipes in the comments or follow along the hashtag #CafeBusteloAtTarget to see how others celebrate!

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