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Family and the Football Field #utsalove

Monday, December 01, 2014

I have a love/hate relationship with you?

I mean, I love my alma mater. Love.

And yes, I love wearing white pants long after Labor Day and flat sandals like it's still summer weather in November. But, I hate that I spilled coffee on them. We had to get up super early on a Saturday to get to the Alamodome for pre-game activities. And if you really know me, you know that I hate colored nail polish, too. Eeek!

I love being a Lifetime Alumni Member. It's been so important for my husband and I to bring our kids along for the ride. Straight chillin', these two.

They are pros at this university stuff by now. But, there is always the balance of keeping them humbled and driven. We were first generation college students and graduated as parents to 1 year old twins. We had a lot to motivate us? But what will be their motivation?
Game days! I love that it brings us together for family time. But sometimes, I hate sitting down for hours, especially with these TV commercial breaks. My busy mind starts jotting down a checklist of things I could be doing for my blog, shopping lists, meal planning, and so on. 
I love being a season ticket holder since the beginning. I remember making the decision at a pep rally that was held at the Institute of Texan Cultures, like a year before the first game would ever be played. It was a pep rally to get people to buy into the football team, and it worked. And we've never regretted the decision.

That bottom row of guys up there are the Original 18.  They practiced their first year, without a locker room or uniforms and were just about to have an amazing final game as Roadrunners
And then, there was this.

30 minutes after the game to run around on the turf. This is the love part. I love those smiles. I love that college football has helped me make these memories. And that's when I hate that it has to end.

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