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Making time for my girl with Johnson's 3-Step Regimen

Friday, May 30, 2014

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I'm sure a mother with more than one child can admit that it is sometimes hard to carve out individual time with each one of your children. With multiples that do almost everything together, sometimes it's hard for them to understand that they need to be a part. But I know they need that one-on-one attention. 

With my daughter, I feel that it is important that we build a strong relationship. I know the bond that we create now will help during those teenage years, so I try to carve out these moments where we can talk, just the two of us. 

And what better moment than when I brush her hair? With thick and wavy hair, I usually happens twice a day: once in the morning and again after her shower. 

I know...sometimes brushing and tangles make for a not-so fun situation. But caring for her hair with Johnson's no more tangles 3-step regimen helps make the moment stress-free and allows us to have good conversations about what happened at school, what hair style she wants to try and if anything is bothering her. It's a time where all I have to do is be ready to listen with an open heart.

These are the 3 steps:
Step 1: Johnson's No More Tangles
I love that there is now a thick/curly hair formula. My daughter has thick and wavy hair, and I am glad to find products that are gentle enough for her hair and eyes AND that actually works! The shampoo/conditioner is paraben-free, phthalate-free and triclosan-free!
Step 2: Johnson's No More Tangles
The leave-in-conditioner is also great to just leave-in and let it air dry on these summer days!
Step 3: Johnson's No More Tangles
And for those mamas looking for a way to tame your daughter's hair, I always turn to the French Braid. Surprisingly, not many people know how to make one, so I made a little how-to video to explain. Let me know how I did, it's my first video!

Happy bonding and braiding!

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