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Family Yoga at Southtown Yoga Loft

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I am very excited to share this with you all.

I really want to just tell you that we just, on a whim, came across Family Yoga and wanted to try something new. While that is true, I have to add that I have been searching for some clarity and balance in my life.

Life as a working mother can be quite draining and I am always trying to balance all aspects of me: motherhood, being an awesome and supportive wife, being productive in my day job, all while being engaged with my children and present in everyday life. I feel like practicing yoga can help me find the woosa I need, so I can do all that I need and want to do.

So, after some searching, I came across Southtown Yoga Loft. Located just south of Downtown, this is the closest yoga spot from the southside that I know of.

They offer Family Yoga on Sundays at 11am and Kids Yoga on Saturdays at 9am.

Family Yoga costs $20 for your entire family to practice yoga together. The teacher is fun and engaging and the class is creative and comfortable. The Loft describes the class that "weaves together mindfulness and movement with themes such as balance, responsibility, compassion, nutrition and wellness." Classes are designed for 4 and up, but everyone is welcome."

Family Yoga was perfect for me. Because I work during the week, it is not always easy to find time for myself. The weekends are for my family and I feel so guilty taking that time away from my kids. But with this family class, I was able to enjoy yoga and have fun with my children. All the smiling definitely did me some good. The class even had a bilingual song, which was a major plus. After, we walked over to Tito's for a breakfast taco! It was a perfect way to recharge on a Sunday.

Kids Yoga is $12 per child, best for ages 4 - 9. Parents can participate with their children, or even take a class in the next room. "The Spring 2014 Yoga Explorers Series will explore the coolness of yoga with om words, savasana tacos, dancing meditation, touching the sun, feather breathing, obstacle courses and so much more!" As time goes on, I can see that this would be a great class for my children, individually or even as a fun playdate!

Southtown Yoga Loft is located at 724 S. Alamo, Suite #2 (upstairs), 78205. Across the street from Azucar and Bar America. Parking is along the neighboring streets. 

No need to bring a mat, but you can if you have one. Lockers are provided for your stuff. 

Hope you get a chance to enjoy!

PS - Check the class schedule to see all the classes and workshops they have to offer, there's more!

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