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Meal Planning with Tyson Crispy Chicken Strips {Dip Recipe}

Friday, September 13, 2013

You know, they say you win boxing matches, not in the ring, but in the gym. And it makes sense! What makes a successful work/school week for me is when I have meal planned, grocery shopped and prepped food, on the Sunday before. I plan meals like Tyson Crispy Chicken Strips and pair with my Zesty Chili Dip (recipe below) so that our evening go as smooth as possible.

It goes a little something like this: every Sunday morning, after breakfast, I meal plan, according to the upcoming week's activities. So if there is an Open House or a family member's birthday, I know we are going out to eat. Next, I make my grocery list, double checking what I already have stocked, so I don't overspend or waste any fresh foods. Usually when we are putting up groceries, I soak fruits, package, separate snacks and prep any thing I can before hand.

I also like shopping at Sam's, so I can really be stocked up prepared for weeks at a time. And also because of their tasty demos! They give me ideas for new recipes or variations of older ones, like taking Tyson Chicken Strips and creating new dips to spice things up! Sam's Club has these great demos coming up: 

  • September 17:  Italian Style Fish & Pasta
  • September 19: Smoked Sausage Pasta OR Quick ‘N’ Easy Chicken Parmesan
  • September 24: Chicken Dippers

But back to the food:
With both parents working, evening time is limited. As soon as we get home from picking up the kids, I immediately go to the kitchen. Prep takes a couple minutes to open the bags, and place accordingly.

Tyson Crispy Chicken Strips from Sam's Club #shop

Within the 20 minutes that the chicken is baking, I have added mayo to the coleslaw and the broccoli has been steamed with some olive oil, kosher salt and black pepper. 

About 30 minutes from the time we got home, there is a bunch of this going on! Dipping and smiling!
Tyson Chicken Dippers with Zesty Chili Sauce Recipe #shop

The dip really adds something new to the dinner! Adds a little different tastes to the kids palate, other than ketchup! It also matches with different vegetables and would even be great with some French fries too! Zesty Chili fries sound great! 

So here is our Zesty Chili Recipe as promised, made with Tone's Chili Powder :
Tyson Chicken Dippers with Zesty Chili Sauce Recipe #shop

Have a great weekend and Sunday prep day! And look out for our Instagram feed of some great Sam's Demos coming up!


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