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Lenguaje Dual Domingo - 1st Grade Spelling Tips

Sunday, June 02, 2013

I know that the end of school is fresh on everyone's mind, but I want to talk about First Grade! We are finishing our First Grade year of school in the Dual Language program.

First Grade is the start of spelling tests and math sentences. Oraciones numéricas y pruebas de ortografía! With the twins being my first children, I got a little nervous for their first tests that would result in a number grade!

I wanted them to feel prepared and confident, but I didn't want them to feel too much pressure that their nerves would get the best of them. So we practiced writing the words over and over and took practice tests at home.  I know this helps, but it's not the most fun, so we also tried some iPhone/iPad apps to help. After weeks and weeks of these tests, I wanted to share some tips and tricks I learned along the way!

dual language spanish first grade

1. There's an app for that!  I searched and found the app Spanish Word Wizard : Spanish Spell Check + Spelling Tests. I loved that I could add their own spelling lists and that it would sound out the letters with them. The apps keyboard included letters with accents, so the kids could hear them words correctly! You can also just experiment with sounds and create different words!  

2. Dictate and make connections to the words. - I love how words in different languages connect through root words. Matching up mar with marine life, or soldado with soldier helped with their comprehension. 

3. Point out how many words had accents that week. With 10-12 words a week, it takes alot of focus for the six year olds to sound out the word when they are spelling it. It was helpful to say "remember there were 2 words with acentos!" while we were practicing. Hopefully they will carry it with them at test time.

4. When all else fails, make it an Ice Cream Spelling Test! That's right? Usually on the night before we loosen up, and have some fun with our learning!
dual language spanish first grade spelling test
Curious about what words First graders in Spanish dual language spell? Here's some words we studied in First Grade, starting with the beginning of the year to the end.
Dual Language Spanish Spelling Words and Test Tips

I hope this helps and again, I'd love to be a resource for those in Dual Language Spanish classes. We are advocates of the program and love hearing tips, success stories and struggles within the program!

Have a great lenguaje dual Domingo!


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  1. Michelle- This is great! We are just a little south of you guys in SA- We have dual-language programs here....will have to share with the moms in Laredo that you have some helpful resources!

    1. Thanks so much Tricia, I would love to hear how other parents are liking their program and learn of any new ideas!

  2. It is a nice and informative article. The main difficulty in learning Spanish language is spelling because some peoples write wrong spelling which change the meaning of the word.

  3. Thank you Michael, spelling is really important! We've had some laughs with pero and perro and hola and ola.

  4. I think iPhone and iPad apps really do help children and adults to learn. This is the information, or technology age and there are many ways to help people get whatever information they need.

    Right now if someone is writing a story, they can go onto their mobile device and find software that will help them correct their grammar, check their spelling and more. It makes life a lot easier for everyone and you can work more efficiently if you apply the tools.


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