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Friday, May 10, 2013

Another weekend is here...and it is a special one for everyone. Not just for moms who will get a break from cooking, or receive a gifts, flowers and cards. It's about a weekend where we all get to just share a little love and time with our mothers, the women who devote so much time, love and thoughts on their children and families.

It's a funny thing being a mom. Life changing. Ever evolving. All consuming. Diapers. Toys. Parties. School...

But you can't forget how magical it can be. You have a front row seat to life. You see inches grown, milestones passed, and right before your eyes, your babies continue to grow. Their minds, their hearts, their bodies.

Mother's Day for me is just another reminder to be thankful and appreciate all of life's wonder.

So these are my Let It Go links:

  • My lovely friend Stacy of Kids Stuff World writes a Letter to a New Mom, which touches the heart of every mom. After all, we are all in this tribe together! 
  • And a reaffirmation that You Matter by Tsh at Simple Mom. Bookmark it, take a picture of it. Read it again and get inspired!
  • Tillamook is giving moms free admission to the zoo this Saturday. And a chance to win a year's worth of cheese. Check out their blog post for more details!

Hope everyone has a great Mother's Day Sunday and today for all my Mamas Mexicanas! 

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  1. Happy Mother's Day, Michelle! Thanks for the shout out. Loved hanging out with you and your sweet family last weekend.


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