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Lenguaje Dual Domingo: Dual Language Programs in San Antonio

Sunday, May 19, 2013

We are finishing our 2nd year of the dual language Spanish immersion program. I say we, because although my kids are the ones in school, it is very much a collective effort from all of us. As your children's education should be, so I know every parent can relate!

As I've mentioned before, we are very happy with the program and have seen some pretty cool results! On the way to school the other morning, we had it tuned to a Spanish channel, and the weather and news were on, and then my son blurts out in English, "What? It's gonna rain today?". We just looked at each other and smiled. :)

I often get asked about the programs and wanted to put together a resource for those searching for Dual Language Programs in San Antonio.
Dual Language Learning in San Antonio, a list of public, private and independent programs.

Here is a list of Public School Districts with Dual Language programs in San Antonio with a direct link to their Dual Language/Bilingual programs:

Did I miss any? I hope this has been helpful and would love to answer any questions you may have about the programs.

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Thank you for this resource! I wish more schools did this...

  2. You are welcome, so glad to be helpful! Thanks for reading!

  3. Great post! I will share this with my readers.

  4. Great post! It was one of the things we were looking forward to for our girls before moving to Cali.

  5. KIPP Un Mundo Dual Language Academy: http://www.kippsa.org/un-mundo/
    A tuition-free public charter school with a dual language curriculum.

  6. I am very grateful for providing this list


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