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Día de los Niños Celebration at Mission Library!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

You walk into a library in San Antonio and automatically, you feel the cool air condition on your skin and the noise of the cars in the city are gone. And you're free...Free to open as many books as you'd like. Free to make your own decisions of what you want to read and where you want to explore!

This is the feeling I get every time I walk into a library. I want my kids to have a similar love for their neighborhood libraries, and I'm so grateful for the fun family events like the Día de los Niños celebration at Mission Library.

I remember going to the opening ceremony of the Mission Branch Library 2 years ago and am thrilled that they are thriving and growing! A playground was just added a few months ago and renovations on the Mission Reach are still being completed!

On Tuesday, April 30th, they are celebrating their 2nd birthday along with the celebration of Día de los Niños! Visit the library from 4-7pm for games, crafts and fun!

It is located on the Southside of San Antonio, at 3134 Roosevelt Ave., San Antonio, Texas 78214.

Hope you get a chance to join in for some week day fun!

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  1. I am so jelly! I wish we were closer to SA to enjoy some of these awesome events. I bet it's an amazing library.

  2. How FUN! And, funny. My kids and I went to the bookstore today also!!! It was our first step towards this type of event, my kids are wild so I am worried about the Library but now I am going to look into it and see what events they have!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. how awesome! We love going to the library here. They really do make it kid friendly


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