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Review: Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! Get The Sillies Out!

Monday, March 18, 2013

For anyone thinking that 2 six year olds, going on seven wouldn't want to go to a Yo Gabba Gabba live concert, is kidding themselves. Or 2 thirty year olds for that matter.

Honestly, because you can't stay still...The show starts with a bang! Literally! An explosion of confetti and streamers into the crowd!

We danced, we sang, we clapped, we held still! The wiggle wiggle wiggled! :)

We beatboxed with Biz Markie!

And one of my favorite parts...the intermission had green tips and photos of a bunch of Yo Gabba Gabba friends on the show! You are entertained the entire time!

It was an awesome, and quite a different experience taking the kids at an older age than toddler age, because we've done that before too, and we know it takes a bit more patience!

After, because the show is at the Majestic Theatre, right by the Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio, we took a walk down the river and ate dinner, then stopped for some ice cream for the walk back to the car...a perfect family date night!

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Disclosure: My family was provided complimentary tickets to the show, but as always, all opinions and photos are my own. :)

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