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5 Tips Before You Go To Síclovía

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Siclovia will be April 7th, 2013 and from 10am - 3pm, Broadway will be blocked off for you and thousands of others to explore on bike, foot or skate, from Lion's Field to Alamo Plaza.

We love this family adventure and are thrilled that it has become a biannual event in San Antonio. We have been to 2 so far and enjoy taking our soon to be 7 year old twins on their bikes. They are not quite  speed racers, so we just jog along side them, rather than ride our own bikes with them. 

We make pit stops at Recovias to rock climb, chalk it up on the sidewalks or to just grab a snack. We spend about 3 to 4 hours out on Broadway and when we get home, it's usually time for a relaxing Sunday nap! 

So before we head out next weekend and before you join in, these are our:

5 Tips Before You Go To Síclovía:
  1. Eat breakfast! We make a stop at our favorite breakfast taco place and eat in car. Those are Taco Haven smiles in the picture above!
  2. Bring a backpack! Even just a little drawstring backpack, there's lots of Síclovía swag. And you might want to bring a snack, especially if you are bringing your kids! You'll thank me later!
  3. Pack a reusable water bottle, hand sanitizer and sunscreen. There are water filing stations along the way, bathrooms at Reclovia sites and it looks like the weather will be sunny!
  4. Bring some cash! There are some vendors and organizations selling items, food, drinks and  Síclovía t-shirts. We've even seen the Peachwave truck, and paleta vendors on the route.
  5. Embrace the day! Watch the smiles on your kids faces, the wind in their hair as they breeze along Broadway, get your heart going and enjoy the Sunday nap that will come after!

I hear that the route is altered from the times before because of construction, so if you are looking for more route, parking or event info, check out the YMCA site and the video below!

You can also check out our pictures from a past Siclovia!

I hope our tips helped, see you out there!

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  1. We never seem to able to make it out to Siclovia. I'm hoping we can get there this year. It seems like so much fun.


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