A little bit of Trident in my day! #seewhatunfolds - Family Love In My City

A little bit of Trident in my day! #seewhatunfolds

Monday, September 24, 2012

So here I am, at my desk. It's early afternoon and I need a bit of a pick me up. My mind wanders about dinner plans, kids soccer practice and my husbands football schedule...then I want something sweet!

So...I check out my desk drawer and have to decide on a snack size bag of chocolate or Trident Layers with Real Fruit Flavor. I choose the Trident Layers in Juicy Berry + Tangy Tangerine and take a walk outside to clear my head and see what unfolds.

With Trident, it feeds my afternoon craving and helps give me that spark of positivity that I know is inside me, to help get me through the work day!

Here's a fun little video also helps keep you smiling during the day, brought to you by great-tasting Trident Gum. Trident: See What Unfolds.

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