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Books, Billy Goats, Building and Bowling Weekend Pt.1

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

How do you feel up your summer days?

Do you ever feel like there's such thing as a good kind of busy?

Our latest summer weekend was just that! It was filled with just the right amount of activities and lounging around the house. The productivity part of the weekend...well, I think I did a couple loads of laundry. And may have only folded one. Truth.

But to my defense, I am at work all week, so weekends for me are for fun and family!

We started off Saturday morning with a storytime and playdate at the park, then a free performance from the Academy of Fine Arts at St. Phillips College. We heard about this from our weekly newsletter from SA Busy Kids. Be sure to sign up and you will receive a weekly email with all of the great family events happening in town.

We didn't know quite what to expect with this free performance, but went with an open mind, and I was so pleasantly surprised! First was a performance from their Jazz Band, made up of students ranging from entering high school freshman to those that will be entering college this fall! It was so inspiring to see such great talent in these kids!

Next was the Summer Musical Theatre Workshop performance of the "The Pancake" "Fox as Shepherd" and "3 Billy Goats Gruff". 
This group of kids acted, sang and danced and my kids loved watching! 
Triple threats in the making!

We are definitely bookmarking this for next summer! Maybe you have kids that would like to participate? Like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter for the latest information! 

After, we were off the the library for some book browsing. There are still a lot of summer activities going on at all the libraries! You can check your library's calendar for the latest!

Later, it was backwards dinner with dessert first! It's summer, why not? Finally, dinner, Olympics and a late movie!

Whew! These summer days are long! 

Sunday, we participated in the super cool Build and Grow Kid Clinics at Lowe's and took up some free bowling with AMF. All that fun will be on my next post!

Lots to share! 


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