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Where are my keys? Pop-A-Lock's Free Service

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I can't tell you how many times I have asked myself this.

When we are getting our kids out of the house and into the car, there are hundreds of thoughts running through our minds. Kids. Seatbelts. Diaperbag. Sippy cup. Purse. Cell phone. Gas. Directions. Time. The list goes on...

And I will admit, I have done it before. 

I have locked my keys and kids in the car. #parentfail

If you didn't know, Pop-A-Lock in San Antonio provides free, 24/7 locksmith services if a child is locked inside. They are an awesome local company, just wanting to help keep families safe.

Amazing, right?

They work with the SA Fire Department, so you can simply call 911 or to get faster service, you can call them directly at (210) 637-0303. More info can be found at their website www.popalocksanantonio.com.

With the hot summer months among us, it can be a very dangerous situation. So keep this little PSA in mind and share the info!

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