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My Life In A Simple Instant

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So, I read somewhere that the new year is like the first day of school for adults. And although I never make new year's resolutions, I feel a bit more determined and have a game plan this year. I want to work on myself, and as I ease into my 30's, I feel more like I am becoming who I want to be and building the life that I want for my family.

Maybe it's because my husband and I are turning 30! Maybe it's because my twins are going to be SIX?! But this year is going to be full of good changes!

So as I am working on making my home life simpler, it is also allowing me to work on being a better me, have a better family life and better family adventures to share with you!

I have been reading Simple Mom's book "One Bite At A Time - 52 Projects to Make Life Simpler", and here's what I have been working on -

Planning what projects will fit in with my life each week -

Week 1, I started with a kaizen approach to waking up earlier and Week 2, I am drinking more water!

Sounds easy, but I feel like I am making some small but steady, good changes for me, that result in a simpler life for my family! Win, win!

I am sharing my progress of 52 projects on Instagram, follow along!

I am also linking with Stacy of Kids Stuff World and her weekly series, Life In An Instant - sharing your story and special moments in your life!

Hope you will share your story!

Happy 2012!

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  1. I totally feel that 2012 is gonna bring good changes too!

  2. Those are great projects! We could all use more water! And, I do think life is simpler when we wake up earlier.


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