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Texas State Aquarium & HEB Splash Park

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If you've been to the Texas State Aquarium with kids prior to 2011, you need to give it another chance! 

Our family took an overnight trip to Corpus Christi for an activity packed weekend!

We drove in, first stop -- the aquarium! With the addition of the HEB Splash Park, this is not just your standard state aquarium. We purchased our tickets online, had the kids dressed in their swimwear, and had our bagged packed with a towel and dry clothes.

The kids' excitement grew from driving on the Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge. As we walked in aquarium, we headed straight out to the observation decks, the view is beautiful! You can see the USS Lexington to your left and downtown on your right.
We were able to pet sting rays (my son took this picture)!
We checked out the dolphin show, Bo, the 10-foot American alligator, the otters, and my favorite....the sea turtles!

There is The Wild Flight Show with hawks and other wild animals, and an exhibit that houses Grace, a huge bald eagle with it's huge nest!
Inside the aquarium are interactive and informative exhibits featuring Amazon animals, jellyfish, sharks and other sea life. There's hands-on fun with touch pools in the Living Shores section. Knowledgeable and friendly staff actually enticed my kids to touch a sea urchin and Dad to pick up hermit crabs!
And finally the water park! This makes this attraction a complete package! It was lots of fun for the kids! The area is complete with shaded seating for parents, bathrooms, separate changing rooms, an outside shower and nearby refreshments.

After we planned for a picnic on the bay, less than a 5 minute drive down the street. Our kids had their first splashes in ocean water...it was a nice and memorable ending! The day was filled with amazement, curiosity, hand-on-excitement, water fun and family love! I don't know why we didn't go sooner!

We also checked out B&J Pizza (which was very family friendly and delicious!) and Mustang Island. This state park had a more shallow beach entrance, nice sand and an endless view of the Gulf of Mexico.

Hope you get the chance to visit too!

What other family fun Corpus places do you know of?

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  1. Hey MIchelle,

    Thanks so much for the tip. We tried the aquarium about a year & a half ago and they didnt have the splash pad yet. It was sooo hot, the water feature would make this a perfect visit. Can't wait to go again now :)

    By the way, love your new background!! You're doing great things

  2. Stacy! You are my first commenter, E-v-e-r! I appreciate you keeping up with me! So enjoying this San Antonio blogging!

    PS, just put you in my google reader! See ya!

  3. It's been ages since I've visited this aquarium and you've made me want to go back. My kids would love this! Thanks for sharing, Michelle.

  4. We're hoping to visit the aquarium for the first time next week. I'm so glad I read your post, so I know to bring a swimsuit and towel!

  5. I have read reviews of this previously. Though frankly I haven't gone there before, I bet it would definitely be worth going to. It's suitable and safe for little family trips. Highly recommendable indeed.

  6. This is really cool! I love checking out places to visit in Texas.

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