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Scobee Planetarium - New June and July 2011 Schedule!

Monday, June 06, 2011

Look what i found! I am dying to take the family to the San Antonio College - Scobee Planetarium

Scobee has changed their summer shows dates and times for June and July. Evening Shows are now on  Thursdays, and they have added weekday Matinees, check out details here.

Don't miss these shows, "The Little Star That Could", "Ice Shows", "Black Holes", "Attack of the Space Pirates" and "Invaders of Mars."

***tips***seating is very limited, only 80-85 people can attend, get their at least 20 minutes ahead of time, CASH ONLY, kids 4-17 $2, adults $5

***working mom tip*** take a snack for the kids with you to work, pick them up, let them snack in the car, make it to SAC at 6 and grab dinner afterwards :)

Please check out the San Antonio College Scobee Planetarium website for more details and leave me your feedback!

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