Captain Underpants Birthday Party


Capitán Calzoncillos! Have you heard of him? I am sure that every 2nd or 3rd grader has enjoyed the colorful language of the Captain Underpants series. Because there is a limited amount of Spanish chapter books for my dual language learners, it seems that the eight books in the series are in heavy rotation in our home.

That being said...the twins want to have a Captain Underpants Birthday Party!

I love planning their birthday party.

I love coordinating party supplies, plates, utensils, napkins and decor. But this year has been a bit more challenging because there are not any licensed party supplies for Captain Underpants! So I'm sharing my finds with you all! 
Captain Underpants Birthday Party Supplies
Captain Underpants plush / BAM! napkins / POW! plates / Red balloons with black dots / Sour Flush candy / 12 pack of flipbooks / Temporary tattoos / Round sticker for lollipop favors / Personalized t-shirts / Buttons or Magnets (Disclosure: the above are affiliate links)

I love how this Super Hero theme from Birthday Express blends well with the Captain Underpants books! And for those familiar with them, they occasionally have fun flip-o-rama sections in the story, so I thought flip books would be great as favors! Then there is the colorful, sour potty candy I found on Amazon! Gross, I know, but it's what they want!

And I don't mind one bit, I'll do anything to keep that love of reading going!

So what do you think? Do you enjoy throwing parties? What are your 8 and 9 year olds partying too?

The Best Items To Have Around the House During Cold and Flu Season


This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Pediacare and Latina Bloggers Connect.

So, it happened. I knew I jinxed myself on the last post when I said that my kids had not been ill this cold and flu season. But really, it is all my fault. My son got the flu. I didn't get us vaccinated against it and I couldn't feel more guilt.

It has been a rough week trying to keep my little man well, balancing work, and keeping everyone else in the away from the virus. But, I am glad to share with you all, some of the items that helped me battle this virus. Here is a list the best items to have around the house during cold and flu season.

PediaCare® Cough & Runny Nose + Acetaminophen - This medicine helped keep my son's cough in line, all while providing comfort from his fever and body aches. It made it a bit easier for me because it was one less medicine to manage.

Before giving to my child, I made sure to run it by the pharmacist when picking up his medication, as you should check with your doctor or pharmacist before administering. Click here to download the PediaCare® dosage chart, which helps you match your child’s symptoms with one of PediaCare® products. When using the chart, it’s best to weigh your child first to determine proper dosing of PediaCare® products. If weight is not known, use age.

Also, here is a $1 off coupon to purchase PediaCare's Cough & Runny Nose plus Acetaminophen at their local Dollar General.

Included on the list is a thermometer, tissues and fever reducing patches. Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes came in handy to immediately kill any virus lingering on surfaces. And I did stock up on plenty of fluids. Drinks that have electrolytes and Vitamin C & D were also great for my sick child's body. The individual juice box drinks were easy to handle during the middle of the night when I was trying to help lower a fever with a cool drink. I have also heard that Vitamin D helps to reduce children’s risk of getting a cold by half. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children should take at least 400 IU of vitamin D a day, an amount found in most children’s multivitamins.

Not pictured above, but surely something to stock up on during the cold and flu season is sleep and immunizations. As for sleep, it goes a long way when it comes to health. Tired kids are more susceptible to viral infections, so it's best if we all get a good night's sleep.

And immunizations...I know, I know. It is a touchy subject right now, but everyone should do what they believe is best for their own families. After having my son get the flu, and experiencing it myself, I can only say that what is best for us is to never have to deal with the flu again, so we won't miss our immunizations next year.

Thin Air - A Sports Trampoline Park in Central San Antonio


Thin Air Trampoline Park in Central San Antonio
So, we had a little situation that was a big learning experience for us. One child in particular could really use some cheering up and we needed to just put the incident past us. And... also as a reward for good grades, we found some fun at a place that we have never been to before. Thin Air!

I had heard about Thin Air on social media, but never looked it up. I was so pleasantly surprised to see that it was more Central than I thought. Right off of Fredericksburg and 410. Right next door to Graham Central Station (for all you Tejanos out there) to be exact! :)

There are angled wall slides.
 Slack lines with a pool of foam blocks to land in.
Because I can guarantee there will be falls. On purpose even.
Some basketball trampoline. BTW, he totally made that shot!
I even jumped a bit. I tried balancing on the slack line and thankfully there was no video of me climbing out of these foam blocks. Let me tell you, climbing out of that pit is not a very easy task.
And then there was this...the action shots are a bit blurry, but there were some major top rope wrestling moves being made. P.S. You can jump barefoot, or with Thin Air grip socks.
All in all, it was a great hour and just what we needed to kick off the weekend!

So have you been? What are your thoughts about these trampoline parks?

Tickets are $13 for one hour of jump or $20 for 2 hours. Kids 6 and under are $10 and have a special jumping time. Thin Air even hosts Family Nights where everyone in your family can jump for $35/hour. Check out their pricing and hours page for more details. 

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