Family Love In My City

Video: Mustang Island State Park


We took a quick trip to Mustang Island State Park one Saturday morning. It was planned to leave that morning, but we were kind of taking a very laid back approach to the trip. I didn't get all of my grocery shopping done before the trip so we had to stop at HEB for fruit, because a trip to the beach without ice old grapes is unheard of!

It must have been written in the stars because as soon as I remembered to stop, we exited at the last HEB before the island, and right when we walked in a pool full of inflatable whales, alligators, Dolphins greeted us. We couldn't pass up this adorable whale, and to be truthful no a little corny, he really made our trip complete. 

It gave my kids the feeling of free outdoors and to really take in the peaceful nature of the ocean. It was a memory that I am so glad I was able to capture. Just watch. 

Take a canoe ride through Downtown San Antonio


Bucket List - Canoe ride thru downtown San Antonio
Talk about bucket list for San Antonio natives and tourists! A few weeks ago, we took a ride on a canoe through Downtown, not like touristy downtown, but pretty close. We rented a canoe from Duck Feet, and went from the San Antonio River Authority on Guenther, right past Cesar Chavez Blvd and back.

It was a sweet couple of hours. It was my first time on a canoe and I was a little nervous, but it was very relaxing. Maybe because  I had some muscles doing most of the work for me. :)
Canoe and Kayak rental in downtown San Antonio, off Mission Reach.
After we walked over to Halcyon for a coffee and smoothie.
Canoe and Kayak rental in downtown San Antonio, off Mission Reach.
The following week, my husband took the kids on their own canoe adventure on the Mission Reach by Espada Park. During their ride, they took a break under a bridge and snacked on some watermelon.
Canoe and Kayak rental in downtown San Antonio, off Mission Reach.
For us city kids, we got a taste of the outdoors just 10 minutes away from our home. Creating these summer memories didn't require a trip out of town, which is why I love this city so much.
I'm sure it won't be the last time for us. Rental prices were very reasonable and the weather can only get cooler from here, right? 

I made a little video from my clips on our first ride through King William. Enjoy!

How San Antonio families do Sea World


Alright, here was the game plan. Sea World, no Aquatica. We didn't want to have to deal with swimsuits, lockers and extra clothes.

So this is how we spent an entire day at Sea World with a few hacks along the way.

First off was Journey to Atlantis! This was a big deal for my 9 year olds.  The ride is BIG, so they were a bit nervous. But after they were so proud of themselves. If you didn't get drenched enough on the way down, make sure you enjoy the huge splashdown when you exit. Don't worry, you will dry off quickly!
How San Antonio families do Sea World - Journey to Atlantis

Captain Underpants Birthday Party


Capitán Calzoncillos! Have you heard of him? I am sure that every 2nd or 3rd grader has enjoyed the colorful language of the Captain Underpants series. Because there is a limited amount of Spanish chapter books for my dual language learners, it seems that the eight books in the series are in heavy rotation in our home.

That being said...the twins want to have a Captain Underpants Birthday Party!

I love planning their birthday party.

I love coordinating party supplies, plates, utensils, napkins and decor. But this year has been a bit more challenging because there are not any licensed party supplies for Captain Underpants! So I'm sharing my finds with you all! 
Captain Underpants Birthday Party Supplies

The Best Items To Have Around the House During Cold and Flu Season


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So, it happened. I knew I jinxed myself on the last post when I said that my kids had not been ill this cold and flu season. But really, it is all my fault. My son got the flu. I didn't get us vaccinated against it and I couldn't feel more guilt.

It has been a rough week trying to keep my little man well, balancing work, and keeping everyone else in the away from the virus. But, I am glad to share with you all, some of the items that helped me battle this virus. Here is a list the best items to have around the house during cold and flu season.