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Keeping Families Healthy During the Holidays #healthy2015

December has flown by, hasn't it? If it's not work parties, then it's kid's school performances and plenty of other holiday obligations. Not to mention the shopping. I'm very much an online shopper, so the less I have to go into the stores to shop, the better.

But with all of the busy that the holidays bring, sometimes comes those winter colds. Thankfully we have not had to combat any illness (and as I write this, I worry I'm jinxing myself) but I try very much so to keep my family healthy for the holidays!

The key is preventative care for us, at home and through our health providers. Here's how:
Sleep, Chill, Repeat - Getting enough sleep is so important for the immune system. I definitely enjoy a winter's nap and if we can sleep in, we do. The darker evenings help with getting the kids to sleep a little earlier. Not over-committing during the holidays also helps us get some good sleep and keeps the stress low.

Breakfast and the Sun - Always having some fruit and protein is our norm for breakfast. Luckily, we still have some sunny days in San Antonio where the kids can get some natural vitamin D and exercise in the fresh air.

Hands, Teeth and Noses - I swear by saline spray to get my kids through a cold quicker. I feel like it just helps them clear out all of the yucky going on. My kids never really love the nasal spray, but because we have always used it, they are used to it.

We wash hands with soap and water always when we get home from shopping, school, eating...everything. And Santa always puts a cool toothbrush in their stocking to help switch out any germs. It's always important to change toothbrushes after an illness, too!

And then it's the good old flu shot. I know you've probably heard some stories about whether or not to get it, but after speaking with a pediatrician, my conclusion is that we are all getting the shot.

And with that. I can mention about getting covered through the Affordable Care Act. Most people must have health coverage or they may have to pay a fee. So if you are not covered through your employer, be sure to check out EnrollSA or visit the enrollment events listed below to get all your questions answered. 


For more information on local events or help with enrollment in Bexar County visit or call 2-1-1. Wishing you the most wonderful and healthy holidays!

Family and the Football Field #utsalove

I have a love/hate relationship with you?

I mean, I love my alma mater. Love.

And yes, I love wearing white pants long after Labor Day and flat sandals like it's still summer weather in November. But, I hate that I spilled coffee on them. We had to get up super early on a Saturday to get to the Alamodome for pre-game activities. And if you really know me, you know that I hate colored nail polish, too. Eeek!
I love being a Lifetime Alumni Member. It's been so important for my husband and I to bring our kids along for the ride. Straight chillin', these two.

They are pros at this university stuff by now. But, there is always the balance of keeping them humbled and driven. We were first generation college students and graduated as parents to 1 year old twins. What will be their motivation?
Game days! I love that it brings us together for family time. But sometimes, I hate sitting down for hours, especially with these TV commercial breaks. My busy mind starts jotting down a checklist of things I could be doing for my blog, shopping lists, meal planning, and so on. 
I love being a season ticket holder since the beginning. I remember making the decision at a pep rally that was held at the Institute of Texan Cultures, like a year before the first game would ever be played. It was a pep rally to get people to buy into the football team, and it worked. And we've never regretted the decision.

That bottom row of guys up there are the Original 18.  They practiced their first year, without a locker room or uniforms and were just about to have an amazing final game as Roadrunners
And then, there was this.

30 minutes after the game to run around on the turf. I love those smiles. I love that college football has helped me make these memories. And that's when I hate that it has to end.

Apple Cinnamon Buñuelos Inspired by Glade® Fragrance Plugins

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. 

One memory I have of the holidays is the dessert table at my grandmother's house, that always had buñuelos. I can remember the fragrance of the house, the tree, the cinnamon and that is why I love using #GladeHolidayMood Scented Oil Plugins during the holidays. Because I want those smells to evoke those memories. I want the warm fuzzies. And who knows, maybe when my kids smell them in the future, they will think about the Christmas memories we make in our home.

The Apple Cinnamon Cheer™scent inspired me to make buñuelos, but this time, with a hint of apple.
How to Make Buñuelos with Apple Cinnamon Sugar inspired by Glade Winter Collection

Ingredients for the Apple Cinnamon Sugar: 1/2 cup of sugar, 1/2 of freeze dried apples, 3/4 tablespoon of cinnamon. To make: crush freeze dried apples into a powder, then mix all ingredients. 
How to Make Buñuelos with Apple Cinnamon Sugar inspired by Glade Winter Collection

Ingredients for the dough: 3 cups of flour, 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 2 large eggs, 1/2 cup of shortening and 3/4 cup of milk. 
How to Make Buñuelos with Apple Cinnamon Sugar inspired by Glade Winter Collection

Mix flour, baking powder and salt in a bowl. 

Mix sugar, eggs and shortening. You may want to soften the shortening before beating together. Then stir into flour mix. 

Knead dough on a floured surface. I tape wax paper to my table or island and flour away. 

Make dough into about 20 - 25 balls. I like them a bit smaller for little hands. Cover, then let rest for about 30 minutes.
How to Make Buñuelos with Apple Cinnamon Sugar inspired by Glade Winter Collection

Roll the balls flat, making 4-6 inch circles. Melt shortening in a deep skillet to make about 1 inch deep of oil. 

Fry buñuelos about 3 minutes on each side, until a golden brown color on each side. But be ready to adjust the heat and add more shortening or oil if needed. 

As soon as it gets out of the frying pan, sprinkle Apple Cinnamon Sugar on both sides and drain on a paper towel.
How to Make Buñuelos with Apple Cinnamon Sugar inspired by Glade Winter Collection

And repeat! 

I'm thankful for the collaboration with #CollectiveBias and the Glade®  Winter Collections Plugins because they allow me to indulge in the holiday scents without worrying about the flame. Right now you can find these scents at HEB: Sparkling Spruce™, Merry Citrus Melody™, Apple Cinnamon Cheer™, Frosted Cookie Party™and the exclusive scent Gingerbread Jingle™. I found these on display, at the end of the aisle at the H-E-B Plus in McCreless Market. If looking at other stores, you can find them in displays and not on the shelf of the usual location of Glade® products. 
How to Make Buñuelos with Apple Cinnamon Sugar inspired by Glade Winter Collection

So what do these fragrances inspire you to do? What memories do they evoke? I'd love to hear your stories.

Also note that you can find coupons for Glade on 12/7/14 in most Sunday newspapers in the coupon section. Plus, there are digital coupons for Glade on and often H-E-B might have those yellow store coupons that you can see in the picture above.

Happy Holidays!

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