Fiesta Medal Contest with Goodwill & Pinterest!

Collecting medals during Fiesta is sort of an Olympic sport for some San Antonians!

How many do you have?
Fiesta Medal Contest with Goodwill and Pinterest

I have not been an avid collector, but I know better than to turn a medal down. So, when the Goodwill contacted me about a giveaway for their medal, I was in! One for me and two for you!

So to participate in the giveaway:
1. Upload a picture of your favorite medal on Pinterest 
2. Tag @goodwillsa and @familylovesa and at the end if Fiesta, we will choose two winners!

You can also do this on your Pinterest app, like this:

So pin away and viva fiesta!

WWE Monday Night Raw - Do you watch as a family?

So, I'd like to start off with letting you know that I was invited by the WWE to attend Monday Night RAW with my family at their San Antonio stop a couple weeks ago. 

I watched wrestling as a kid with my older brother and remember it being exciting and fun, but it was never anything that I wanted to introduce to my kids. My husband loved old school wrestling also, with the Hulk and Andre The Giant, but it wasn't a love that carried on into adulthood.

So with that being said, I was a little skeptical about going, but you know what? We'll try anything once! And the WWE has great initiatives such as the Be A Star Anti-Bullying Campaign and  WrestleMania Reading Challenge, where they partnered with one of my favorite organizations, We Give Books.

The week before we went to Monday Night RAW, I thought we should watch a show to get familiar with the wrestlers. My kids magically knew who John Cena was (I'm sure from talking with their friends at school), but after a few minutes of their first wrestling show, they were cheering for Daniel Bryan, the Uso brothers and Fandango.

Before watching, I made sure to explain to them that this was a show, sports entertainment is what it's called. We talked about the wrestlers being actors and that the wrestlers practice these moves and that the clothing they wear are costumes. We also explained that is a story, similar to a story they write in school, someone wrote this story.

So of course, I watch alongside them and there are few words and imagery that I was not too happy about. But still, we decide to take them to the live show.

And to tell you the truth, the magnitude of the WWE live show is pretty amazing. It's fun to see people from all walks of life, enjoying the same thing. My kids smiled, laughed, cheered and were pretty bummed when the wrestler they were rooting for lost a match. Overall, the memory was made and we had a great time!

And while I have my concerns about my 7-year olds watching people pretend to slam chairs on each other for entertainment, I can't help but wonder what is the difference from that and a superhero movie? That the superhero saved the world?

My twins, plus my nephew, are 7 going on 8. There are things in this world that I cannot keep them away from, nor do I want to. Wrestling, bullying, mean words, arguments...these are all teachable moments.

To me, it all goes back to the knowing that as parents, we are our children's primary influence. Not wrestling, not tv. I trust that I have instilled enough good manners, empathy and respect in my children to know that they are not going to try and body slam any playmates. I trust that they are not going to push anyone around or talk like wrestlers when they have an issue with a friend.

So, we'll watch wrestling occasionally, and I'm okay with that.

I also wanted to mention the WWE Parents page.

So what are your thoughts? Interested in a giveaway?

I have a WWE prize pack to giveaway that will include a DVD: Signature Sounds – The Music of WWE, Bella Twins action figures and a WWE Raging Racers Push ‘n Go Truck! Enter the Rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Walking With Dinosaurs - Movie Night Mix

Sometimes, you just have to bend the rules and watch a movie on a weeknight. And if you decide to bend the rule, you've gotta make it fun, right?

We were super excited to get a copy of Walking With Dinosaurs, The Movie to review. We missed this when it was in theaters, so it was all brand new to us. The movie tells the story of Patchi, who may be small in size, but finds his inner courage along a big adventure! 

Watching Patchi grow up, it was easy for us to fall in love. I think every child could relate to his struggle, but his resilient and quick thinking attitude make him the perfect children's hero. 

I loved that the movie introduced us to dinosaurs we were not familiar with, like the Pachyrhinosaurus. As an added bonus, the DVD+Blu Ray+Digital Copy has "The Ultimate Dino Guide" where you can learn more about the dinosaurs and an Interactive Map, so you can see where they roamed the Earth!

While we watched Patchi's journey unfold, we munched on a Movie Night Mix. Before I went into work, I just grabbed a bag of already popped popcorn, bugles (that also double as dinosaur nails) and a bag of chocolate flavored chex mix from the store.  I added some m&m's we had in our candy jar and tossed together in a bowl, seconds before hitting play! It was an addicting snack and the kids thought it was the greatest creation ever!

Walking with Dinosaurs Movie Night Mix

Walking With Dinosaurs, The Movie is in stores now, and we definitely recommend as a birthday gift or an addition to the Easter Basket!


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